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Download MySQL 5 Client for free, the client for the 5th version of the most important database engine of our days. Get hold of MySQL 5 Client for free now

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MySQL 5 Client is the client for MySQL version 5, one of the most widely-spread database engines worldwide, specially for the creation of websites and management applications.

  Just like many other similar developments, this program totally lacks a graphic interface, so all actions have to be carried out from the command console, something that can be rather complex for those users that don't have any knowledge of database management from the command line.

  With this development you'll be able to connect to the server that you have previously installed on your computer and therefore be able to carry out the instructions that you may need, as well as creating tables and entries and managing any entry directly.

  Discover all the potential that MySQL databases have to offer you when it comes to facing the development of your website or your application, by downloading MySQL 5 Client right now.
Requirements and additional information:
This download only works on Red Hat or distributions based on the latter like Fedora.
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