NagaSkaki is a complete chess game for your PC. Download NagaSkaki for free and you will be able to face the computer or another player in multiple games


Great chess game to play on your PC

October 28, 2010
7 / 10

NagaSkaki is perfect for any chess fan. If you like playing this very old board game, with NagaSkaki you'll obtain a very good software application with a really simple interface and that has some very interesting options.

Complete chess game for PC

Logically, with NagaSkaki you'll be able to play against the processor as many times as you want, but you'll also have the opportunity to play another player on the same computer. The amount of options that the game offers when playing against the machine is incredible. The program includes various profiles that will simulate that you are playing against different players, each with a different playing level. You'll have the chance to play against an AI that is specialized in quick games o against profiles that are similar to important players.

The interface is very complete because it keeps track of all the moves that have been played during the game. This is very interesting to be able to replay or analyze them later. Furthermore, the help and advanced options in NagaSkaki make it a free chess game for all levels.

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