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netKar is an online racing simulator that is very realistic and has incredible graphics. Feel the sensation of speed by downloading netKar on your computer

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The amount of online racing game available increases each day, many players no longer have enough defeating only the computer, they actually want to prove how good they are against other players, no matter where they are. One of the new games is netKar, and it stands out specially due to the excellent quality of its graphics.

  The game's control system is very simple, the car can be controlled using only six keys of the keyboard, even though the game also offers the possibility to control it by means of the mouse, a gamepad or, even, a steering wheel, as long as it is properly configured.

  netKar allows you to choose between four different kinds of cars, and offers a wide array of tracks to choose to compete in. What's more, the amount of tracks available can be expanded with other tracks that are available on the Internet.

  The customization both of the car colors as well as those of the driver's helmet and gloves are totally open, with the possibility to apply different skins to both the car as well as the driver. Another of the things that the game allows you to customize is the driver's position within the car, offering the chance to change the seat inclination in greater or lesser degree.

  The graphic quality both of the cars as well as the tracks is spectacular for a game of this kind, and driving the vehicles requires a certain degree of skill to be able to control them like a real driver.

  Therefore, if you want to enjoy one of the best online racing games available, download and install netKar.
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