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New Star Tennis is a tennis game. Choose your player and guide his career from the lowest level to the very top. Download New Star Tennis to your PC


Become a world famous tennis star

February 4, 2021
7 / 10

Tennis is one of the sports with the most followers all over the world, and due to this fact, many modern video games have recreated this sport over the years. New Star Tennis is a game in which, as well as competing in the most prestigious tournaments of the world, we will also have to look after our character, trying to keep him fit and happy at all times.

Become the number 1 of the ATP

The objective of this game is to start off with a newbie player and manage to become the most popular tennis player in the world. To accomplish this objective we will have to organize our character's agenda, depending on our priorities: train, play tournaments, go out, buy all kinds of accessories, bet on the horses or at the casino, and spend some time on the karting track.

We will have to win money in each tournament, maintain our happiness at a high level so that our performance doesn't decrease and train a lot, with the objective of improving our skills.

With regard to the playability and the graphical environment, we have to say that it is a relatively simple game to control and that its graphics are also somewhat simple, but this makes it a title that will be playable on more or less any PC. Download the demo of New Star Tennis and enjoy the first 10 weeks of your tennis player's career.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo version only allows you to play the first 10 weeks of the tennis player's career.
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