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Downloading Nixory for Linux systems free of charge will help you to delete your browser's cookies. Avoid spyware based on tracking cookies with Nixory

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Nixory is a program for Linux, capable of fighting against spyware in real time, mainly the tracking cookies that can be found on your web browser. This software is compatible with some of the most important browsers on the market.

Written in Python/PyGTK, Nixory takes care of avoiding that the websites you visit store tracking cookies on your browser with rather illicit purposes. Keep your privacy intact!

Features of Nixory

  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Real-time protection shield.
  • Enable or disable cookies selectively.

The perfect companion for your antivirus

Whenever you need protection against this specific sort of malware, you can turn to Nixory. It can work together with your usual antivirus, therefore, you'll be totally safe regarding the most common threats and tracking cookies that intend to infringe your privacy on the Internet.

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