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If you like photography you will like Olympus Master, a complete image manager that includes an editor and a format converter. Download Olympus Master now


Make the most of your photo camera

September 3, 2010
6 / 10

Olympus Master is an ideal program to be used together with a photo camera, because it offers the user the possibility to manage all the captured images, edit the photos and convert files between different formats, among many other options.

The program integrates everything that's necessary to organize the photos in albums or folders (by date, events, theme,...), automatically create panoramic views from a collection of files, develop RAW files, edit images (from modifying their size to applying artistic filters) and send them by email, in a single interface, that is very appealing, practical and customizable by means of skins.

It also has a tool with which you can automatically fix an image, something that is really practical for those users that aren't very familiar with this application.

The program includes a series of tutorials, thanks to which we can learn how to use each of the functions that it includes.

If you want to get hold of an application that has all the tools necessary to organize, manage and improve your photos, download Olympus Master.

Héctor Hernández

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