How to use OpenOffice

With OpenOffice, the user only has to open the suite and choose from the main menu the tool he wishes to use amongst those installed on his computer. It doesn’t work exactly like Microsoft Office where we can access each tool as a standalone by means of a shortcut.

In other words, during the initial installation you must have chosen between a typical installation (with all options installed by default) or a custom installation, where you can choose what tools to install and how to configure them on your computer.

With regard to how to use this software, it’s a really powerful pack of office applications but it’s also very accessible for beginners. All actions are carried out by means of windows and menus, following suit to how we usually interact with the majority of Windows programs.

In this sense, it’s very similar to Microsoft Office, the office suite par excellence. Not only is its menu and help system almost identical but also regarding the consistency between applications: you don’t need to know which is the appropriate tool to open each kind of document; just click on the file in question and Apache’s suite will take care of making the correct choice.

This pack comes along with six different applications, all of which can be accessed from the main menu by means of shortcuts:

  • Writer: the text processor.
  • Calc: for spreadsheets.
  • Impress: for presentations.
  • Draw: for drawings.
  • Base: for databases.
  • Math: for formulas.

In turn, from the same main menu, we can access free templates for each one of the applications as well a shortcut to our documents folder.

All six tools work exactly the same. In other words, regardless of their different peculiarities, you won’t have trouble adapting to them because the workflow and the menu system is identical.