Order of War

Take part in the battle in Order of War. Relive World War II from both sides of the conflict once you download Order of War, a real-time strategy game

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Order of War is one of the few titles that will allow us to see the Second World War from both the Allied point of view and the Nazi perspective, allowing us to take control of the Americans in the West on their road to total victory, starting in Normandy, and of the German army as they try to stop the Soviet counter-offensive.

  This real-time strategy game (RTS) allows us to take control of each of the units (soldiers, tank divisions, armored vehicles and aircrafts) of our army, during some of the most important moments of history.

  The campaign mode will allow us to choose two different stories, in each one we will be able to increase our army's numbers by accomplishing the missions we are entrusted, thanks to the recovery of our enemies resources, as well as being able to use the experience gained by our units to improve them.

  If you want to play a game in which your decisions can change the course of history, download the demo of Order of War today, and try out the first missions of the campaign mode.
Requirements and additional information:
This demo only allows you to play the first missions of the campaign mode.
Square Enix
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3 months ago
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