Pandora Recovery

If you deleted files or documents from your computer or by mistake, you can now get them back with Pandora Recovery. This tool offers us multiple options

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Who hasn't ever deleted a file or document by mistake? The moment we realized what we'd done we would all have wanted to have Pandora Recovery on our computer.

Recover deleted files of any kind

It's a recovery tool that can bring you back files from NTFS and FAT32 systems. To do so, it examines your hard drive in depth and shows you the following information:

  • File name.
  • Size.
  • Location from which it was deleted.

Don't worry about files and documents you deleted by mistake.

What does Pandora Recovery offer you?

Among all its functions, we can point out the following:

  • Preview of certain text and image files.
  • Scanning of the disk surface to recover files that aren't registered on the File Allocation Table or Master File Table, from formatted or damaged units.
  • Recovery of special or different files (system, hidden or encrypted files).
  • Estimation of the possibility to successfully recover files.
  • Recovery of files from a local unit, network unit or Flash/USB memory.
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