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PC Pitstop Erase offers the possibility to eliminate any trace of personal information left on a computer. Download PC Pitstop Erase and delete it all


Clean any trace of personal data from your computer

November 3, 2010
7 / 10

PC Pitstop Erase can manage to eliminate from your computer any trace of personal information left behind, whether on the web browser, or any other application that you usually use on your computer. If you share a computer and you want to maintain your privacy, PC Pitstop Erase will help you manage to do so. It will delete any trail of the activities that you leave behind.

Remove any trace of your activity on your PC

Everything that you do on your computer leaves a trace: the websites you visit, the instant messaging applications that you use, or the game with which you have a good time. PC PitStop Erase can eliminate all these tracks so that nobody can invade your privacy. In the first place, it will scan your system and, step by step, it will guide you through the analyses it carries out.

PC Pitstop Erase analyzes the cookies, and divides them into two lists, one white and one gray, it recommends that you eliminate the cookies from the gray list. It also analyzes the browser's cache to check if it has stored unnecessary files, the latest open documents, the instant messaging conversations that have been saved, the files that are in the recycling bin, and the games that have been opened.

Try out PC Pitstop Erase and eliminate all the traces you have left on your computer. You will manage to protect your privacy, and improve the system's performance.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows you to scan the system.
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