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PC Viewer changes the file explorer of your computer. Download PC Viewer for free to renovate the functions and appearance of Windows Explorer on your PC

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The Windows Explorer that Microsoft includes in all its operating systems, is an essential tool for any user. But if you're tired of the classic and unchangeable Windows Explorer download PC Viewer, an innovating file explorer that renovates the image of this kind of application and provides new functionalities like organizing the contents of the hard drive by means of tabs.

  The main features of Explorer PC Viewer are:
- Modern and intuitive interface.
- Advanced file browsing by means of tabs, that allows you to remember the folders visited.
- Operation administrator, with the possibility to delete completed operations or with errors, and even program the computer to turn off.
- Complete file searcher.
- Auto-complete options when we write the routes.
- Three different kinds of views: "Detailed", "Icons" and "Preview".
- Three different selection styles: "Windows 95/98/ME", "Windows XP" or "Mac OSX".

  All in all, PC Viewer is a free file explorer that has the usual options of this kind of application, but organized differently, and it's probably more practical and functional.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires the COMCTL32.OCX file, that will be downloaded from the application if necessary.
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