PhotoInstrument is a raster graphic editor that is used to improve the quality of a photograph. Apply effects after you download PhotoInstrument on your PC

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When you take a photograph you may notice that a birthmark has been highlighted too much on the objective's skin or you might feel like you want to eliminate certain elements from the photo. To be able to carry out these actions you can use PhotoInstrument.

Enhance your photos

The main purpose with which PhotoInstrument, that is basically a raster image editor, has been developed is to improve the final result of any photograph by eliminating marks and smoothing the skin of the people in the photos as well as allowing us to apply makeup.

By means of the tools included in PhotoInstrument it will be possible to apply all kinds of effects to the photos, eliminating noise, smoothing skin, highlighting specific areas of a photo or making objects disappear.

All these tasks can be carried out in an easy manner by simply following a series of very straight forward steps and PhotoInstrument even includes an option at the top of the image from which it will be possible to check the original photo compared to the modified photo.

Additionally, PhotoInstrument includes a series of video tutorials with which it will be possible to learn how to carry out the most important actions that can be completed with the software.

Download PhotoInstrument to be able to improve the final result of your photos.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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