Pokémon Uranium

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Make the most of the Pokémon universe by downloading this fan game called Pokémon Uranium with new Tandor settings and its 150 100% original Pokémons


Play this fan-made Pokémon game

April 26, 2019
9 / 10

After 9 years of development, a team of Pokémon fans has managed to develop a totally new video game, without any relation to Nintendo, that could well be the original game.

Preserving the original graphics and gameplay, Pokémon Uranium looks like an official Game Boy DS or 3DS game but set in a new world created its developers and with over 150 Pokémon creatures that have nothing to do with the official ones.

Explore Tandor, find the hidden Pokémons and visit the 8 gyms.

A Pokémon made by fans without breaching Nintendo's copyright

In this Pokémon Uranium you won't find the cute Pikachu, Ash, Staryu or Vulpix, but you'll be surprised by the imagination of these Pokémon fans to create over 150 new ones to avoid plagiarism. Orchynx, Raptorch or Eletux are some of the names that will start ringing a bell if you decide to take part in this new Pokémon adventure.

Furthermore, you can play online to fight against other gamers and their Pokémons, as well as swapping them to be able to catch them all.

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