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Synchronise folders and files on any computer on the network

January 27, 2022
7 / 10

Today it is very important to be connected to your family, your friends, your workmates,... So what better than also connecting our folders and keeping them synchronized, thanks to PowerFolder.

PowerFolder is a practical application to synchronize files and folders, whether on the Internet or on your local network. It is a very practical application, both in the professional field as well as the for leisure, because it allows us to maintain work files updated on different computers or to share our photographs and videos with other network users, and all of this in a private and secure way.

Main features

The main features of PowerFolder are:

  • Synchronize files and folders between computers connected to the Internet or a Local Network.
  • Exchange files with other users by means of invitations.
  • Choose the folders that we want to synchronize (Contacts, Favorite, Windows Mail, etc.).
  • View the synchronized files and the computers that are part of the network.
  • Select the transfer mode (manual synchronization, backup, autosync each minute,... ).

Perform your backups, update the files and share your photographs with PowerFolder.

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