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Prey is a small ghost program that allows the user to locate a lost computer. Download Prey right now for free to always have your computer located


Locate your stolen or lost computer

August 23, 2018
7 / 10

With the proliferation of portable and mobile devices, it isn't at all strange that the amount of lost and stolen devices has also increased. To be able to have a little more protection against this type of cases you can use Prey.

Your computer always located

The Prey protection system is only a small application that stays latent on a computer's hard drive until it's activated remotely, even though it offers the possibility to specify orders that will automatically activate it when it doesn't have a network connection.

Thus, with Prey it's possible to locate a computer by means of its geographical position, because it will provide all of its connection data once it activates in such a way that it will be possible to triangulate its exact location.

Another interesting option offered by Prey is the possibility to use the webcam associated to the computer to be able to take photographs of the person that is using it, or record the active desktop session to view which programs are activated.

Last but not least, Prey can automatically delete all the passwords stored to make sure that it isn't possible to access the accounts used on the computer, and even block the computer completely in such a way that it will be impossible to use it.

Download Prey to make sure that nobody can access your vital information even when you lose your computer or it's stolen.

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