Use Prey to recover your laptop in case it's stolen. Track its location when the thief connects to the Internet with your PC once you download Prey


A program to track stolen computers

February 17, 2019
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Laptop computers are a common objective of criminals that like to dishonestly acquire other people's technological devices. If our laptop is stolen it will probably be extremely difficult to get it back again. Now you have a solution to this problem thanks to the fact that Tomas Pollak has developed an application, called Prey, that is totally free and open source with which we can find our computer, even if it has been stolen or we have lost it.

Have your laptop permanently geotagged

The program works as follows: after being installed, we will have to define a URL address and an email address, in such a way that if it is stolen, as soon as the computer connects to the Internet, Prey will send a report with the IP address, a screenshot and even a Webcam photo to the email address that we have specified. Thus we will be able to find out as soon as possible who's responsible for our computer's disappearance.

Thanks to Prey it may be possible for someone whose laptop has been stolen to be able to recover it.

Antony Peel

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