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Pure is an extreme driving video game in which you will drive fast quads. Download Pure and drive around different tracks at full speed on your computer


Have a great time playing the quad racing game

January 15, 2010
7 / 10

Speed games can seem boring, but when you find jewels like Pure, you know from the very first moment that they are going to be entertaining and fun. This speed game was awarded as the best racing game at the 2008 E3, the most important video game convention in the world.

In Pure you take control of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), that can be customized with improvements to the point where there are 640,000 possible combinations with which you can improve its performance, speed, jump,... to improve your time in the 35 circuits that it has available.

In each race you'll have to beat 15 rival drivers, while competing in all different kinds of locations, from the Italian mountains to the jungle, all with incredible jumps, that will allow you to do tricks with which you will be able to receive speed boosts. The games graphics are incredible, and help you feel the acceleration and adrenaline rush that is associated with this kind of race.

There are three game modes:

  • Race: beat all your rivals competing on different tracks.
  • Sprint: Short technical circuits where you race over 5 laps.
  • Freestyle: Try to accomplish as many combos as possible while you learn the layout of the different circuits.

To make the game even better, it has an incredible soundtrack, very appropriate for the occasion with pop, rock and punk hits that will inspire you to stamp your foot down on the acceleration.

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