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Still don't have a news reader? QuiteRSS is an ideal tool to receive all the articles of the webs and blogs that interest you the most without any effort

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An RSS reader is a program that allows a person to receive articles and contents from his or her favorite web pages or blogs. How is that possible? Because RSS readers bring together on the same interface all the headlines of the web pages that the user has subscribed to. All the latter, according to what the user has chosen as interesting and sorted by folders, topics or popularity.

Google Reader disappeared on July 1st of 2013 and left many users without their favorite news feed, although they soon found other alternatives. Among which we have to point out QuiteRSS, a tiny RSS reader but with loads of options and functions, as well as a very simple and appealing interface. It's developed in Qt/C++ with the main idea of being as easy-to-use as possible for the user.

The program comes along with plenty of features, including the possibility to show news and source filters, as well as new or pending ones, or even those that we've already deleted. Likewise, it allows us to define user filters and offers us the possibility to configure a proxy automatically or manually. When it comes to news and sources, the tool is capable of issuing notifications by means of sound alerts or pop-up windows to inform about new news. Furthermore, we can also make use of QuiteRSS Portable that allows us to carry the program around with us wherever we go.

QuiteRSS vs RSSOwl

How QuiteRSS works is very similar to RSSOwl but slightly faster and with a few more interesting features. RSSOwl is yet another multiplatform alternative with support for tags and compatible with podcasts. Those are its most noteworthy aspects because it also offers us pop-up notifications and a powerful internal search engine just like the app we're reviewing. This tool includes an assistant to search and subscribe to new blogs without having to use our browser.

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