RACE On is a car racing game based on the Touring Car Championship. Take part and win the WTCC or the STCC on board a racing car on your PC in RACE On


Car racing game based on the Touring Car championship

December 22, 2010
7 / 10

Motor racing video games have always been present among the top players. Great titles based on motor racing have marked different eras in the video game world, like now-classic games like Gran Turismo (GT) or Need for Speed. RACE On continues with this tradition and it offers a spectacular game based on the two most important Touring Car Championships: the WTCC (FIA World Touring Car Challenge) and the STCC (Swedish Touring Car Challenge).

Take part in the WTCC from your PC

SinBin Studios is the company behind this great game. The tracks that are available are those that were available during the 2008 season of both competitions, and the same happens with the cars that are available. According to the developers, it was one of the best seasons of the last decade. Your objective will be to obtain as many points as possible and try to win both championships.

You will have three different competition modes available for each championship: simple race, training or championship. As well as this, you have to take into account that the game also offers online gaming, which really increases the possibilities that it offers. If you add all this to the very high detail, quality graphics and sensation of speed offered by the game at the same time that it offers great playability, you have a nearly perfect title.

Make the most of this demo and check the quality of RACE On for yourself, the perfect Touring Car simulator.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It is necessary to have Steam installed on our system to be able to play the demo.
  • The demo only allows you to use two cars and two tracks.
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