Racing Star

Racing Star is an entertaining racing game that has a group of babies as main characters. Download Racing Star now and enjoy yourself like a little kid


Have fun playing this racing game with babies as drivers

January 17, 2011
6 / 10

The alaplaya web portal offers this free game in which you will be able to enjoy some very special races. Once you have created an account and downloaded the game you will have the chance to race against players from all over the world. Racing Star is an entertaining racing game with various game modes available.

Run just like a kid

You will be able to choose from a wide range of babies to take the wheel of your vehicle, all of which are from different countries. Doggie from Korea, Cafleo from England, Zambie from Zambia... Poor Panpan doesn't even know where he is from. Each one of them has his own skills that will help you become victorious. The vehicles in this game are all really nice pets, something that makes Racing Star even more entertaining.

The Slapping Mode allows the players to meet in a face to face 'slapping contest', which consists of slapping your opponent to reduce their life bar. Once you have registered on the web, you will have free access to this fun racing game with babies. Download Racing Star free for guaranteed fun.

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