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Thanks to Remix OS for PC you can install Android on an old computer and give it a new use with the most extended mobile operating system in the world


Install Android on your old computer

February 8, 2017
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Recycling an old computer means giving it a use it wasn't initially conceived for, turning it into a server, a media center or installing a MAME as the most common options. Now there's a new possibility that has to do with installing Android thanks to Remix OS.

Installing Android on a PC

Well, if we used to have to resort to an emulator like Bluestacks, now we only need a file and a memory stick. We'll manage to turn our old computer into a machine on which we can run any APK belonging to the world's most popular mobile operating system.

Just what you were waiting for: a fully functional Android on your PC.

It allows us to make use of a classic desktop environment, just like on Windows and Mac, including a system of windows that can be resized.

Receive Android notifications on your computer

Even if we're on a computer, Remix OS for PC works just like on a mobile phone or tablet. In other words, with notifications and Google Play as the main source for applications. However, it's mainly focused on office apps, social networks and games. All the latter, with your mouse functions (including right-click) enabled.

So get ready to start using WhatsApp, Clash of Clans or Instagram on your PC after carrying out a simple installation from a USB stick.

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