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Research Artificial Vision Tool allows us to carry out simulations of artificial vision during investigations. Download Research Artificial Vision Tool free


Perform artificial vision simulations

September 1, 2011
6 / 10

Research Artificial Vision Tool is a simple tool aimed at artificial vision researchers, also known as “computer vision” or “machine vision”. This field of artificial intelligence focuses on programming computers capable of understanding and processing.


  • Support for configuration compiled in VC-2005.
  • Without major problems once tested with VC-2010.
  • Source code included in the installer.
  • Version optimized to work with color images.
  • Contains basic tracking options based on the iterative algorithm by Kalman.

The ideal tool for your research

With the help of Research Artificial Vision Tool you'll be able to create all kinds of artificial vision simulations during your investigations. The program is developed in C++ and your GNU license will allow you to use it totally free of charge.

Research Artificial Vision Tool is ready to be tested on OpenCv libraries using QT. Despite the fact that it has been created under Windows it is also possible to easily compile it with other systems compatible with OpenCv and QT.

Investigate artificial vision by carrying out simulations once you download Research Artificial Vision Tool free.

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