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rFactor is one of the best car racing simulators available on the market. Download rFactor to take part in racing competitions with all kinds of cars


Play on a great racing simulator

June 15, 2012
8 / 10

Over the years there have been many different racing simulators on the market, with one of the most important being the F1 championship simulators distributed by Electronic Arts and developed by Image Space Incorporated (ISI). And after developing simulators with such great level of detail and accuracy it wasn't at all strange for them to launch rFactor.

Assured realism

The first noteworthy thing about rFactor when tried out is the sense of realism that it offers due to the detailed graphics that it includes as well as for the car's response to the player's movements, because if there is a sharp turn applied to the controls, it will be reflected directly on the car on the screen.

Something else worth mentioning with regard to rFactor is the vast amount of different cars that it includes, because as the player completes the game he/she will be able to access a full selection of racing cars from different manufacturers and categories, all of them being based on real cars.

Compete against players from all over the world

rFactor includes four playing modes:

  1. Training. The player will be able to test different cars on the test tracks included in the game.
  2. Simple race. Take part in a single race.
  3. Campaign. The player will have to take part in different championships included in the game, all of which are based on real championships from all over the world.
  4. Online. Compete against players worldwide in single races or even in championships over time.

Enjoy as never before driving a virtual car.

After downloading rFactor, the players will be able to enjoy one of the most incredible sensations of realism at the controls of one of the most important competition cars.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo only allows you to play for 60 minutes.
  • You need an Internet connection for multiplayer games.
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