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Sharky Neural Network is a program that allows to work with artificial neural networks. Download Sharky Neural Network and view all these networks


View neural networks and learn how they work

February 17, 2010
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Artificial neural networks are a very interesting way of making a computer think like a living person. Nevertheless, understanding how they work is really complicated due to how abstract their concepts are. That is why seeing it expressed as an animated graphic like the one that Sharky Neural Network provides will really help.

Learn how to work with neural networks

The ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) is composed of a vast amount of processing elements (that can be hardware or software) that are all interconnected, simulating being neurons. Thanks to this, and the adequate technique, they can make decisions as if they where a human being, taking into account a lot of more variables and learning according to their decisions and their results.

With Sharky Neural Network it is possible to select various kinds of ANN to basically see how the model functions, what's more, we can modify each model with the idea of recreating them in real-time. Artificial intelligence is a field that is still hardly developed, that by means of Artificial Neural Networks will have a lot to progress.

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