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Fly through the skies at full speed in Ski Jumping Pro, a fascinating ski jumping simulator application for Android devices with stunning 3D graphics


Ski jumping with realistic graphics

April 13, 2021
8 / 10

If you have ever watched a ski jumping competition, you will have been fascinated by the speed, elegance, and buoyancy of the athletes. Now, we can feel that excitement and try the first-person experience by downloading the APK file of this wonderful sports game.

Become a professional ski jumper

Ski Jumping Pro is a first-person ski jumping simulator that features smooth handling and stunning realistic 3D graphics. Our task will be to control a skier and take him to the highest (or the lowest, depending on how you look at it).

The sheer thrill of hurtling down a snow-filled ski ramp.

The controls are very simple, as we only have to touch the screen when the circle gets green. But the coolest thing of all is that the movement of the circle matches the athlete's breathing, giving us an even more immersive feeling.

We will control the whole jump in first-person. The more accurate our taps on the screen, the higher the score the judges will give us.

Besides, this game is complemented with replays from different points of view and three game modes: training, fast jump, and sports career. We can even customize our skier with different equipment, such as skis, gloves, helmets, clothing, and more.

Feel the altitude and experience incomparable speed.

This is an amazing game with a smooth and user-friendly gameplay system. Sports fans who are looking for a great and simple experience without major complications will enjoy it.

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