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SkyDrift will test your reflexes at the controls of a plane. Use all your weaponry and don't miss out on the opportunity to shoot down your opponents


Take part in incredible plane races

June 1, 2012
7 / 10

Car races are a recurrent theme in the world of video games, but extremely fast air races between combat planes is a theme that hadn't been touched until now. That is exactly what SkyDrift has to offer.

Pilot your plane with wisdom and courage

SkyDrift will test both the player's skill as a pilot when it comes to performing daring movements and low flights, as well as his/her eagerness to win at any cost by using all the offensive and defensive weaponry available in the game.

The controls used in SkyDrift are very intuitive, and the vast majority of players will get used to them in just a few minutes, getting used to racing in three dimensions may take more time, because not only will the player have to take into account the curves as it happens in a car game, it will also be necessary to take into account the altitude changes.

Both the setting and the planes represented in SkyDrift are outstanding, with the possibility to compete in races in all sorts of environments, from heavenly islands to docks, as well as volcanic mountains, with the possibility to view all the elements that are usually seen on this type of scenario, like incredible waterfalls or gigantic port cranes, to name a few examples.

Take part in aerial races that will pump your blood, but be careful, your enemies are also armed. Fly towards victory in SkyDrift!

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Steam and to have an account in that service to be able to play.
  • The demo limits the amount of tracks where it is possible to race and the plane models available.
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