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SMITE offers us an epic battle on different scenarios between gods belonging to different pantheons in which you'll take part fighting in 5-player teams


A fight between different god pantheons

October 31, 2023
8 / 10

There are MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games that have become very popular, like SMITE Battleground of The Lords for instance. It's a game that offers plenty of action, as well as competition between players.

An epic battle between gods.

In this game you'll have to choose your god from a range of mythological pantheons and face other gods in a third-person point of view. Each one of them has its own skills and a story that gives the game a unique style.

What does SMITE have to offer?

  • A tactical game in which you'll have to come up with a strategy based on the skills of the god you've chosen.
  • Legendary settings in which teams of five gods will face each other.
  • Increase your god's power during the games and purchase new items and objects.
  • Controlled attacks in which you have to take into account every single detail.

Teamwork is very important in SMITE. Take into account that you'll face your enemies in teams of 5. Therefore, it's really important to coordinate all the actions.

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