Capturing your Windows screen is now much better thanks to Snip. This tool by Microsoft allows us to add written or spoken notes to the screenshots


Microsoft renovates its screenshot tool

March 1, 2016
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Microsoft is bringing to life screenshots with voice notes and the possibility to draw on the images. Snip is its new tool that you can use to capture you desktop or the interface of the applications you use in Windows.

Communicate your ideas in 3 simple steps.

How Microsoft's new tool to take screenshots works is really simple. In 3 easy steps you'll be able transmit your ideas:

  1. Capture by selecting a region with your mouse.
  2. Take voice or text notes on the image.
  3. Share the result.

Main features

  • Say it out loud. Take a screenshot and record your voice notes on it.
  • Draw and write on the screenshot.
  • Use brushes of different thicknesses and colors.
  • Save your creations in BMP, PNG, JPEG or GIF format, copy them to the clipboard and share them by email.
  • Access all your screenshots from the "Library" option, where they will be saved.

This screenshot tool is fast and easy to use. Without too many great options, but with everything you need.

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