SpaceSniffer is a program that allows you to graphically view how the space on your hard drive is distributed. A great tool for anyone's personal computer

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It is possible that on some occasion you will find yourself in the situation in which there is no space left on your hard drive, and you don't know exactly how you have occupied it, and an application like SpaceSniffer will come in very handy to help you.

  This tool can analyze your hard drive and graphically represent how the space is distributed on any storage unit connected to your hard drive by means of a series of boxes that represent the folders.

  The program uses a color code to be able to differentiate various kinds of files and is capable of working in real time, just in case you want to delete any folder and thus view which is the result. Once the analysis is finished, the program offers the possibility to export a document in which you will be able to perfectly see how the space is distributed.

  If you were looking for an application that allows you to discover in a single glance how much free space you have and how the folders of the hard drives are organized, download SpaceSniffer as soon as possible.
Umberto Uderzo
Over a year ago
Last week
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