Spark - Love your email again Mac

Spark - Love your email again is an innovating email client capable of automatically organizing your inbox and sorting out and tidying up so many messages


Reinvent how you manage your email

January 23, 2023
8 / 10

Spark - Love your email again is an application that has managed to become one of the most important email managers at present. Its simple interface will allow you to use this intuitive manager without having to resort to tutorials to learn how to use it.

The best email client

The application comes along with tons of functions, some of which are exclusive to this software, such as:

  • Smart Inbox: it shows you all your email in a smart manner, sorting them by priority and mailing type.
  • Snooze emails: you can tell Spark to notify you again in the future if you can't read an email right now.
  • Support for multiple signatures: you can have different signatures to answer your emails.
  • Quick replies: you can use short sentences to answer your incoming emails, which can turn out to be quite an interesting function.

You can create an email experience that really works for you.

Improve your inbox with a really intuitive app

Although this wonderful application hasn't been translated into many different languages, that's not a problem if English isn't your mother tongue because you'll hardly need to interact with Spark's menus and that shouldn't be considered a drawback towards its installation and giving it a try.

It's an application conceived by users for users, which makes it so great and intuitive as there's nothing hidden, you'll discover everything you can do by simply using the app. Don't wait any longer to start enjoying a better inbox!

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: OS X 10.13.
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