Speed Racers

Speed Racers will place you behind the wheel of an incredible futuristic car. Win all the races and become the real World champion in Speed Racers

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Speed Racers is a game in which you'll have to sit down behind the wheel of a futuristic car that competes on tracks that are among the clouds. You'll have to prove your skill as a driver to be able to become the absolute champion.

Speed and adrenaline

If there's something that Speed Racers stands out for is its sensation of speed, that you'll feel during each race that you take part in. The sensation reaches such a level that you'll start pumping adrenaline.

Speed Racers offers the player two different game modes, quick race in which you'll have to choose a race to compete on different tracks and career mode in which you'll have to complete a series of different races under different modalities, while improving your car at the same time to become the real champion.

During the races you'll have to place special emphasis on avoiding bumping into your rivals or leaving the track, because apart from slowing you down, at the end of each race you will receive a monetary penalty due to each collision and track run-off. And these point can come in very handy when it comes to carry out improvements on your car.

Download Speed Racer for free and compete against some of the quickest cars in the known universe.

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