SSD Tweaker


SSD Tweaker is an application created to optimize how SSD drives works. Improve the performance of this kind of discs by downloading SSD Tweaker for free


Optimize how your SSD drives work

March 25, 2019
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SSD Tweaker is a software application to configure hard drives with SSD technology. The latest big revolution in what regards to storage are the SSD drives, or solid-state drives. Storage devices that are just pendrives with various gigas of size and a SATA interface. The operating systems treat them like any other hard drive, but with this software, we will manage to get the most out of them.

Improve the performance of your SSD card

Thanks to their great speed there is news of Windows operating systems starting in a few seconds or file copies at the maximum speed allowed by the connection buses. We will be able to get nearer to these data thanks to SSD Tweaker and its optimized configurations.

Once we have launched SSD Tweaker it will allow us to change various aspects about the way in which Windows should communicate with the disc. What's more, it will configure the way in which it treats some files and provides access to some system tools related to the performance of the hard drive, like a defrag tool and a backup utility.

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