Stunt Rally


Stunt Rally is a car racing game for Windows PC developed under an open-source license with dozens of tracks, scenarios, and vehicles to choose from


Racing game with dozens of tracks and scenarios

March 5, 2019
7 / 10

There's no need to spend so much money to be able to play a great car game. The best example is this Stunt Rally, a racing game with really decent graphics and that offers us just what we want: plenty of entertainment.

Over 170 tracks on 30 different scenarios

It's a rallies game developed under an open-source license that offers us a grand total of 172 tracks and 34 different scenarios: deserts, jungles, cities, futuristic settings... and more than 20 different vehicles to choose from and that include cars, motorbikes, spaceship, and even a bouncing ball.

With some really acceptable graphics, the game also offers us different modes that include challenges, simple races, championships, a multiplayer mode... and if that weren't enough, you can also make use of a track editor to design your own tracks.

All in all, if you're into racing games and you want to enjoy playing a decent one and also 100% free, download Stunt Rally to your PC right now.

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