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SyncToy forms part of the PowerToys, a pack of tools originally created by Microsoft for Windows XP. Download SyncToy to easily synchronize your folders


Great tool to synchronize files between folders

November 12, 2010
7 / 10

SyncToy forms part of the collection of utilities developed by Microsoft known as PowerToys, which made up for the lacks that the popular Windows XP operating system had or added new functions like a calculator with printing possibilities or an image viewer that allowed to view RAW files.

Microsoft's solution to sync folders

This development serves to folders on a single computer or between various in a very simple way and automating the process of copying, deleting and overwriting files, without you having to pay any attention at all to the work that the application is carrying out.

The graphic environment favors how the program is handled, thanks to the fact that this interface is very clean and all the controls are very intuitive. It is a good system to update projects in which various people are working or to main the order in a media library, due to the program's simplicity.

With SyncToy you will discover a great tool developed by Microsoft, thanks to which you will automatically be able to synchronize folders.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure

Scott McLure