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With System Speed Booster you will be able to improve how your computer works. Download System Speed Booster for free and clean out your computer thoroughly


Improve the performance of your computer

February 17, 2019
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System Speed Booster is an application to optimize your system, by means of useful tools that improve the performance of your computer. As you use the Windows operating systems, a series of common errors arise every certain amount of time. This tool will allow you to solve those errors and to maintain the computer in perfect conditions.

The first action that you have to carry out with System Speed Booster is to analyze the system. System Speed Booster will find the errors that have to do with erroneous or invalid Registry entries, the tracks that you leave behind when you browse on the Internet, trash files that are stored on the hard drive, and possible configurations to improve the system's performance.

Additional tools

As well as carrying out the analysis and solving the problems, System Speed Booster has a series of tools that will make it easier to optimize and clean your computer:

  • Shortcut to the Control Panel.
  • System information.
  • Configuration to automatically close down the computer.
  • Disk cleaning.
  • Tool to delete files permanently.
  • -Detection of duplicate files.

With these tools, System Speed Booster will manage to make your computer improve its performance.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows you to solve 5 system problems each time you carry out an analysis.
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