Teen BMX Stunt Bike

Teen BMX Stunt Bike is a game about BMX, bicycles prepared for jumps and somersaults. Download Teen BMX Stunt Bike and prove your skill on two wheels


BMX bike game

July 17, 2013
7 / 10

BMX bikes are designed to be able to carry out all sorts of somersaults or tricks specially conceived for such purpose. But obviously not everyone has enough skill to handle them. Teen BMX Stunt Bike is an addictive 3D game about BMX bikes in which you will have to move around the settings doing tricks.

3D bike game with spectacular stunts.

The tracks of Teen BMX Stunt Bike are full of ramps. Make the most of them to jump, do the right stunts and by the way collect the fruit in the air. Therefore, you will get more time to be able to continue increasing your score and compete against the rest of players from all over the world.

Features of Teen BMX Stunt Bike

  • Carry out all sorts of typical BMX stunts.
  • Concatenate figures and multiply your score.
  • Compare your points with the rest of the world by means of the online ranking.

Download Teen BMX Stunt Bike, an essential BMX game for fans of the most extreme biking version. Show everyone you are capable of winning the X-Games!

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo version only allows you to play for 30 minutes in only two settings.
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