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TeraCopy Wants to substitute the file copying process by means of the Windows Explorer. Copy files properly and avoid errors once you download TeraCopy free


Copy files in a faster and more secure manner than with the explorer

December 27, 2018
7 / 10

Copying files with the Windows Explorer can be really tiresome, due to its incapacity to calculate how much time is left and the enormous amount of errors when copying. On many occasions, what should only take 2 minutes, ends up taking 5, and in the end, an error message appears. For this reason, TeraCopy is the perfect substitute.

Simplify the process of copying files

Once TeraCopy has been installed, it integrates into the system to take charge of any file copying, making sure that they all start and finish correctly. Even those that have a big size will be managed as such, because TeraCopy optimizes the transfers and manages the buffer a lot better than the Windows Explorer.

TeraCopy is a program specialized in transferring large amounts of data without errors, in fact, you can even verify if the transfer has finished without any problem with the "Verify" button.

Furthermore, in the context menu of any file or directory we will be able to access a small TeraCopy interface from where we will be able to start some basic functions.

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