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TextPad is a simple text editor, with multiple options more than the classic notepad. Download TextPad and discover a customizable editor on your PC


Multifunctional and practical text editor

June 8, 2021
8 / 10

Out of all the alternatives to replace the classic Windows Notepad, we offer you TextPad. It's a text editor, that may seem simple, but is actually very complete and configurable.

Functions of TextPad

  • View and edit various documents simultaneously.
  • Creation of different work areas, each with of them with their own features.
  • Tools to define the text's style (align, increase or decrease the indentation, join lines, invert between uppercase and lowercase).
  • Practical options to search for and replace text in the files, with the possibility to define markers.
  • Preview files.
  • Integration of spellcheck tools.
  • Save macros.
  • Convert the text to DOS or ANSI (process that isn't reversible for unique characters).
  • Basic file management integrated into the application (copy, remove, change the name or update the files).
  • Shortcut to Windows Explorer.
  • Compatibility with the text (TXT, INI) and HTML files.
  • Support to edit code in C, C++ or Java programming languages.

Edit your texts and develop small applications with TextPad.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version that has certain limitations.
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Antony Peel

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