Tile Racer

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Racing games aren't everything in life. Download Tile Racer on your PC, accelerate as much as possible and enjoy tracks full of acrobatic jumps and loops


Jump and loop-the-loop in this racing game

July 22, 2010
9 / 10

Tile Racer is maybe one of the most entertaining racing games that you will have the opportunity to play. Even without opponents, simply accelerating to the maximum speed on its track to enjoy the design and vertigo involved in its jumps and loop the loops is already worth the while.

3D game full of car stunts

The games main pretension is to create a realistic behavior from the vehicles and the physics of their movement, even when the tracks don't seem to obey this idea, because they are full of impossible jumps, loops, and hills with incredible slopes that turn Tile Racer into a really fast game.

The graphics of Tile Racer aren't bad at all, but if we take into account that it is an amateur game, we can't ask it to have the graphic quality of other products. The same has to be said of the opponents and the graphical interface.

Nevertheless, despite its deficiencies, Tile Racer includes an editor with which we'll be able to create our own tracks or modify those that already exist to manage to have races that are even more inspiring.

As a curious aspect of the game, Tile Racer has been used in an Italian psychology faculty to study the people's behavior, and what influences and motivates drivers.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This game requires a 64 MB graphic card with the graphic acceleration activated.
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