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Tizi Daycare is an adorable interactive dollhouse which is set in a nursery with loads of babies, elements and also surprises for you to interact with

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Every child dreams of having their own doll's house. Nowadays, technology allows us to play in free virtual doll's houses which, moreover, do not take up space. Now Tizi's collection has expanded with this beautiful interactive nursery.

No rules, no rush and no goals

Downloading the Tizi Daycare APK file turns your mobile phone into a virtual 2D dollhouse set in a nursery. Here we can play freely in nine different spaces, such as a playground, a nursery or the toilet.

Do you think you could take care of those adorable toddlers?

The main advantage of this all-ages title is that there are no rules, goals or time limits. It also offers tons of interactive objects to interact freely with and discover their effects.

On the other hand, the game includes a doll box where we will find characters of all ages, including parents, grandparents and babies. In this way, this title invites the little ones to create their own stories, to develop their imagination, to explore with total freedom and to play at their own pace.

Touch, drag and explore each object and see what happens - there are surprises hidden everywhere!

All in all, this is a very complete educational game especially for children between six and eight years old with lots of surprises and hidden treasures. And on top of that, it provides a safe space for the little ones.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
IDZ Digital Private Limited
This month
270 MB

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