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The Todo Math educational application invites children to learn mathematics by playing various entertaining games and participating in fun activities


Fun math for beginners

December 16, 2021
8 / 10

Play is fundamental for children's education. This fantastic app offers thousands of games, tasks, and entertaining activities for kids to learn math while they play and have fun. Let's see what is included when you download the APK file.

A great collection of math games for kids

Todo Math is an excellent children's educational platform developed by experts in education and specialized in math games for kids. Its great advantage lays in the more than 2,000 interactive activities it offers, covering preschool through second grade.

The #1 math app for beginners.

Based on a beautiful and fun 2D graphics interface, this app offers simple exercises to learn how to count, write numbers, do basic calculations, read the time on a clock... It also teaches mathematical logic, geometry, and even the months of the year and days of the week.

Overall, the system covers all the fundamentals of basic math education. And the best part is that it presents them through fun games, adventures, and tasks.

Fun games, beautiful graphics, and charming collectibles.

Another great advantage of this application is that it has accessibility features. Among other things, it has a left-handed mode and a font for dyslexic individuals. With all these tools, kids can learn independently and play with math at their own pace.

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