Ultra Drag Racing


Accelerate beyond the limit to win while playing Ultra Drag Racing, an addictive Drag racing game. Download Ultra Drag Racing on your computer for free


Drag races now on your PC

August 19, 2011
6 / 10

In the USA, Drag races are yet another of the racing modalities that are available for the user's enjoyment when speaking about motor sports. This competition is basically based on the acceleration of the cars. Two rivals face each other over a track that is formed by a straight line. The objective is like in any other race: reach the finishing line in the first position. But instead of tracing curves and overtaking your opponents in Ultra Drag Racing you have to prove that you have the best technique for brute acceleration.


  • Complete each one of the 20 levels that it includes.
  • Win races, build up money and improve your prestige in the Drag circuit.
  • Each five races that you win you will be able to change the decoration of your vehicle.
  • Easy to play and dangerously addictive...

Your skill when it comes to pressing the accelerator is essential

The precision of you movements will be key to manage to be the winner. Use the mouse carefully to accelerate to maximum speed. In the bottom right corner you will have the accelerator in the form of a slider. Progressively increase the speed of your vehicle if you don't want to end up having and accident!

You will have to use your keyboard to change gears and control your car's engine revolutions. So just put on your overalls and helmet, download Ultra Drag Racing for free and defeat all your opponents.

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