Universal Android Debloater


Universal Android Debloater is a really useful tool for removing bloatware, the system applications that come preinstalled on many Android devices


Remove bloatware from your Android device

February 1, 2022
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Unless you have purchased a mobile whose Android version is known as stock, which is the one that brings the operating system as served by Google, it is possible that either the manufacturer of the device, or the operator that has served you, or both, have preinstalled system applications on it. This is what is known as bloatware and in many cases we never use it, consuming the phone's resources, however minimal they may be.

A tool to remove Android bloatware

However you can get rid of these apps with a tool like Universal Android Debloater, app to delete unwanted software and that besides being able to speed up the phone will serve to, finally, lose sight of all those apps that we do not use. Because you may have already realized that there is no way to uninstall them by following the usual method of dragging them to the trash.

Well, in this case you will need to install UAD on your Windows and connect the PC to the phone using a USB cable. Of course, you will need to have ADB, Android Debug Bridge, running on your computer. This program will recognize your device and will offer you from its interface a list of software to remove:

  • Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft apps.
  • AOSP.
  • OEM Apps.
  • Apps from telephone operators.
  • Software from Qualcomm, Mediatek and other manufacturers.

Recognizes devices from various brands, such as Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi or LG, among others. Also the apps of operators such as Orange, T-Mobile, Verizon, Telekom or AT&T. Of course, it is a tool to be used with care: if a critical package is removed from the system you can make the device unusable, in a brick.

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