Virtual RC Racing

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Virtual RC Racing is the perfect game for remote control enthusiasts. Enjoy the remote control car experience, by downloading Virtual RC Racing for free


Remote control car races from your computer

February 17, 2019
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Remote control cars are very popular among many people worldwide, but the best models are very expensive and they can only be used in installations that have been specifically designed for that purpose. Due to that, many people that are real enthusiasts of this kind of model cars can't enjoy their favorite hobby, or at least not as often as they would like.

Take part in remote control car races

But now, thanks to Virtual RC Racing this problem has been eliminated because it allows you to control virtual remote control cars on the computer. The recreation accomplished by the Virtual Racing Industries development team is exceptional, to such an extent that the cars can actually be controlled using real remote controls that have been properly adapted.

Virtual RC Racing includes an array of different tracks (based on real-life circuits) that vary in design and it also includes different kinds of cars, ranging from all kinds of touring cars to others that are more similar to those used in the Indy and 24h of Le Mans championships.

The perfect game for remote control racing enthusiasts.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility to be able to train against cars controlled by the game when you don't have enough time to compete against opponents on the Internet and the possibility to configure each car with a selection of customized elements and unique settings.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You need to create a user account the first time you launch the game.
  • The free version only includes three tracks.
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