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Go to war by teams in War Song for Android and be crowned as the winner in a world of fantasy full of violence, magic, weapons, and fairytale characters

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We all know that Japanese have a unique style when it comes to developing video games, especially if we're talking about MOBA-type strategy titles.

Today we'll introduce you to War Song, a game of that style that incorporates 5vs5 team battles with all the usual elements in this kind of game born in the land of the rising sun: dozens of bizarre characters, endless menus with all sorts of options that you won't even know how to use, impossible combinations to carry out attacks and combos on your enemies... and many more options that you must discover with plenty of patience and practice.

Lead your warrior, mage or archer to victory in a world of fantasy.

Main features of this MOBA

Just like all MOBAs, WS by the Japanese video game studio SIXJOY includes all sorts of entertaining options that the player must try to get used to due to their complexity. However, the initial tutorial is complete enough to start the game being aware and understanding all these options:

  • Complete tutorial that explains the controls, the attacks, the level system, and the types of characters that appear in the game.
  • Online collaborative battles in teams of 5 versus 5.
  • Over 20 different characters to choose from with all sorts of skills and powers such as Knights, Elves, Witches, Heroes.
  • Each character must develop up to 6 different skills relative to aim, magic, strength or assassin abilities.
  • We can attack with up to 4 different attacking moves: a basic attack and three special attacks which are different for each character and that reload over time.
  • Great 3D graphics, with gentle transitions for low-end devices.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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