Mobile Legends: Bang bang Android

Mobile Legends: Bang bang is a real-time MOBA-type strategy game for Android smartphones in which we'll take part in of five-versus-five team combats

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Action real-time strategy games (ARTS), also known as MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, are living their second youth, especially on PC and thanks to the so-called eSports and competitions between gamers that have become so popular as of lately.

A LoL for Android devices.

But that doesn't mean that this kind of video game is exclusive to desktop computers, as proven by this Mobile Legends: Bang bang, considered by many as the ultimate MOBA for Android devices (it's also available for iOS). In fact, many experts consider it a clone of League of Legends for mobiles, which gives us an idea of the category of this game we're talking about: a LoL adapted to touchscreens.

How to play Mobile Legends?

Once you've downloaded and installed the APK on your phone, available on Google Play, you'll find yourself playing a strategy and combat game by teams, in which you'll take part in five versus five battles with the intention of defeating your enemy, knocking down his towers and protecting your very own.

Battle it out with team of five members each.

You'll have to move your character (there are several available, including mages, assassins, shooters, and healers) around the screen using a kind of virtual joystick and attacking hordes of enemies with the button represented by a sword, although you can also cast spells and use other special skills with other virtual buttons.

What's new in the latest version

  • New hero: Beatrix.
  • New survival mode: Nexus is coming.
  • Revamped hero: Argus.
  • Adds new characters to the Magic Chess mode.
Requirements and additional information:
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99.9 MB

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