The ultimate 5v5 MOBA for Android

February 14, 2023
8 / 10

MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, are enjoying a second youth thanks to eSports, competitions between gamers, and the ease of use of these games on touch devices such as smartphones.

Join your friends and face real human opponents in this 5v5 MOBA!

Mobile Legends: Bang bang is considered by many to be the ultimate MOBA for Android devices. In this game, you will be able to choose your favorite heroes and build an unstoppable team to participate in fast and exciting battles.

It is a MOBA with 5v5 battles in real-time and against real opponents in games that last 10 minutes, enough to prepare ambushes, assault towers always leaving your own protected, and eliminating the enemy.

Main features

  • It is a game of five-on-five battles against real opponents.
  • Each map includes three battle lines to the enemy tower.
  • The game has 4 jungle zones, 18 different defensive towers, and 2 wild bosses.
  • There are over 100 different heroes of different classes: mages, assassins, tanks, shooters, healers, or support.
  • The competition is always fair and balanced and focuses on player skills as characters are not trained or reinforced by payment. They are all at the same level.
  • The controls are simple. Just use the joystick to move around and the buttons to attack and cast spells.
  • It is a quick game with 10-minute games that can be played after only 10 seconds of pairing from the servers.

News from the latest version

  • New hero: Scarlet Raven.
  • New gameplay: Magic Frenzy.
  • New events.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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