The best MOBA games Android

If you’re into action-packed real-time strategy games in which you have to fight online with and against other users like yourself, enter the battlefield thanks to this selection of MOBA games for Android

Mobile Legends: Bang bang English

The ultimate MOBA for Android

Zooba 1.11.0 English
Zooba 1.11.0

Take part in a battle between animals to control a zoo

MARVEL Super War 3.5.1 English

Free-to-play MOBA with Marvel's characters

Modern Combat 5: Blackout English

One of the best FPS for Android

Paintman Go 1.11.18 English
Paintman Go 1.11.18

Something like Splatoon 2 for Android

Legend of Kingdoms 1.19.8 English

5v5 MOBA with epic battles

Dragon Brawlers 1.1.0 English

Train your dragons and defeat your enemies in 3v3 combat

Champions Legion 1.2.0 English

Classic 5v5 style MOBA game

Awakening of Heroes 0.8.4 English

Interesting MOBA with 5V5 battles

Extraordinary Ones 1.1.59 English

A MOBA with anime graphics and 5v5 combats

Heroes Arena 2.1.28 English
Heroes Arena 2.1.28

MOBA game with a high pace

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 32000 English

The mobile game based on One Piece

Lokapala 0.9.4927 English
Lokapala 0.9.4927

A classic MOBA with tower defense features

Heroes of Order & Chaos 3.6.4a English

Wage an epic war in a world of fantasy

Shining Arena 0.1.0 English

Very dynamic MOBA with excellent character design

TFT - Teamfight Tactics 10.10.3203039 English

The strategic mode of League of Legends on Android

Heroes Evolved English
Heroes Evolved

A complete MOBA with exciting massive battles

Hundred Soul 2.16.5 English
Hundred Soul 2.16.5

A MOBA with a great pace

Survival Heroes 2.0.2 English

A MOBA in battle royale format

Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5 English

A new MOBA for Android

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed English

New Android instalment of the Dynasty Warriors series

Planet of Heroes 2.31 English

Online multplayer battles all over the world

Super Cats 1.0.59 English
Super Cats 1.0.59

MOBA battle game with ferocious cats

OVERDOX 1.3.9 English

An action game with elements of MOBA and battle royale

Metal Madness 0.39 English

Take part in these spectacular PvP car battles

Pico Tanks 33.0.2 English
Pico Tanks 33.0.2

Join these crazy 3v3 tank battles

ShellFire 1.23 English
ShellFire 1.23

Spectacular MOBA in first person featuring thrilling battles

Legendary Heroes 3.0.63 English

Join the epic battle in this MOBA

PewDiePie's Pixelings 1.1.1 English

Charming strategy game with a beautifully design

Heroes of SoulCraft 2.0.1 English

MOBA with customized heroes

League of Masters 1.36 English

MOBA game with neat graphics and lots of action

Heroes Strike 83 English

A MOBA type action game

League of Legends: Wild Rift English

League of Legends 5v5 matches come to Android

Legend of Ace 1.41.7 English

Take part in fast-paced, five-versus-five battles

Dota Underlords 1.0 English

The auto chess game based on Dota 2

World of Kings 1.0.13 English

Multplayer RPG developed in an open world

Hero Mission 1.3 English

The so-called 'Overwatch for Android'

King's Raid 3.51.2 English
King's Raid 3.51.2

Conquer all the clans and defeat the final bosses

Onmyoji Arena 3.76.0 English

A new MOBA from the Onmyoji series

Dungeon Hunter Champions 1.8.17 English

Online role-playing MOBA game