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Get in your own tank and take part in the exciting multiplayer battles in Pico Tanks, an exciting and colorful game application for Android devices


Join these crazy 3v3 tank battles

January 25, 2022
8 / 10

If you like multiplayer combat games, this action-adventure game developed by the Panda Arcade studio is for you. Pilot your tank in 3v3 battles and complete the mission to lead your team to glory.

Battles of tanks by teams

The mechanics of Pico Tanks consist of short, dynamic two-minute battles between two teams of three tanks each. There are three different and random game modes:

  • Capture the flag. Get the flag and keep it longer than the opposing team.
  • Get the shipment back. Get the shipment before your opponents do and get it to your base.
  • Team combat. A competition where the team that destroys the most tanks wins.

A 3v3 tank brawler with a team approach to strategy.

The controls are very simple. While with the left thumb we will move our tank around the screen, with the right thumb we will be able to aim and shoot. However, we can also simply tap on the screen to shoot at the nearest target. Also, we have a button to activate the special skill of our vehicle.

Design a unique tank with thousands of combinations.

Create your own tank

This game also gives us the chance to become a tank designer. This way, we can buy new tanks and improve the ones we already have with different parts, weapons, boosters, charges, and armor. But that is not all, as we can also buy different fun items to decorate our vehicles, such as hats and tacky hats.

As for the technical side, this game boasts cool, three-dimensional graphics and a dynamic soundtrack. Would you like to join these crazy games?

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