Shining Arena Android

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Shining Arena is an exquisite MOBA for Android terminals in which we will fight in 4v4 battles, starring heroes as charismatic as they are powerful


Very dynamic MOBA with excellent character design

March 28, 2020
8 / 10

Fancy trying out an original, dynamic and colourful MOBA (online multiplayer battlefield game) featuring gods and superpowered beings? Then you can't miss this cool 4v4 fast-paced battle game.

A compact MOBA without limits.

The gods join the battle

Shining Arena is a fun MOBA game that, although at first it may seem similar to other games of the same genre, it makes a clear difference. For starters, the multiplayer games are 4v4, while in most similar titles we usually have five players on each team.

Also, our heroes/gods are so cool that they don't need the help of henchmen, so they'll have to do all the work themselves. On the other hand, another difference is that here the enemy towers turn into giant monsters, adding one more component to the challenge.

Ten minutes per game, quick pairing, and easy fighting!

The classic virtual joystick and the action buttons in the lower right corner are available for play. As usual, this is a very intuitive and comfortable control system. Also, the games are short and do not tire at any time, lasting at most ten minutes.

Of course, apart from being able to level up our characters, we can also recruit new ones, being able to play with lots of mythical gods and heroes, like Poseidon, Artemis or the Wizard of Oz.

In terms of graphics, the 3D scenarios look really cool, but what's cool is the incredible character design that's been worked on. If you're looking for a MOBA for Android, this one is definitely worth it.

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