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Play cat and mouse in Monkey Mobile Arena, a multiplayer game in the first-person where we get to control monkeys playing at being the hunter and the hunted


An online co-op and monkeys chasing each other. What could go wrong?

June 11, 2024
7 / 10

The cat and the mouse, cops and robbers... The idea of chasing and being chased has been a common them throughout the history of human enterainment. And video games were not going to be an exception. Today we bring you Monkey Mobile Arena Android - a first-person adventure where monkeys and hide-and-seek are the undisputed stars of the show.

Monkey on the run!

Monkey Mobile Arena APK sets everything up for us to either chase other players or, turning it on its head, to escape from them. All this in a three-minute time slot and in a bunch of different settings. As if that weren't enough, it focuses on being an online multiplayer experience that, along the way, brings with it a range of defining elements:

  • Tons of arenas featuring a wide range of themes.
  • Take on the role of hunter of hunted in this original adventure.
  • Customize your monkey with different outfits and colors in order to blend in with or clash with the surroundings.
  • Quick three-minute matches. Now you have no excuses!
  • Online multiplayer.

Play tag with monkeys. What could go wrong?

This game from Dumitru Boico takes the whole idea of tag to a new level. Moreover... there are monkeys! To top it all off, the multiplayer possibilities extend an experience that is already fun in and of itself. Need any more reasons to download Monkey Mobile Arena for free?

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